Watch Dogs Legion – A London Where Cryptocurrency Replaced The British Pound

The latest from Ubisoft studios, the Watch Dogs Legion video game takes place in a fictional representation of a dystopian future London. Taking place in the late 2020s and early 2030s, technology is more entrenched in society than ever before, so much so that the city’s currency has become a cryptocurrency, ETO.

Watch Dogs Legion, a place in technology

With such a universe, it is difficult to leave cryptocurrencies aside , which have quickly become a full-fledged part of finance in recent years in the universe of Watch Dogs Legion . With the story taking place around the 2030s, the writers considered that cryptocurrencies should be part of it.

And Watch Dogs Legion is not doing things by halves, as the British pound has been replaced by ETO . This is a cryptocurrency that the player can use to purchase in-game items.

In Watch Dogs Legion, ETO can be acquired by various methods: story missions and various activities. Far from being only used as an in-game currency, interactions with ETO are plentiful in this dystopian London.

Cryptocurrencies, a topic of discussion on the radio

Certainly a world first for a triple A game, the writers of Watch Dogs Legion have pushed the integration of cryptocurrency quite far.

This YouTube video speaks for itself, a radio show dubbed “ L’Upload “ having made cryptocurrencies its topic of the day. The two protagonists discuss their personal experiences with cryptocurrencies, noting that they have “ completely changed the world. “

Then, the host of the show briefly explains to her listeners how cryptocurrencies work, highlighting the distributed ledger . Plethora of other components of cryptocurrencies and blockchain are mentioned, such as anonymity, security, adoption by individuals, actions of governments, etc.

We leave you the pleasure of discovering how the writers of Watch Dogs Legion imagined the integration of cryptocurrencies in the world of tomorrow (some statements from the hosts are however quite surprising …):

Playable characters inhabited by cryptocurrencies

In addition, Watch Dogs Legion comes with a rather interesting feature. Anyone you meet on the streets of London can join your team. Each character has their own unique story, personality, and skill set.

As a result, certain individuals that you will come across in the game will be more or less linked to ETO , more particularly those who work in the world of finance.

One of these protagonists, Erik Mölloer, works for an investment bank and takes with him the capacity of “ seasoned investor ”. By recruiting him to his team, the player will receive an additional 10% ETO for any completed activity .

A nice nod to the traditional finance of today, which has definitely adopted cryptocurrencies in the world of Watch Dogs Legion.