Three Top Crypto Picks for Beginners – Conflux, Neo Coin, Everlodge

Top Crypto Picks for Beginners

• Conflux (CFX), Neo Coin (NEO), and Everlodge (ELDG) – three top crypto picks for beginners.
• These tokens offer the opportunity to invest in projects that tackle scalability concerns, position themselves as solutions for mainstream adoption, and provide an entry point into the world of dApps.
• Market analysts predict that each token may reach impressive price targets by the end of 2023.

Conflux (CFX)

Conflux is a project aiming to address one of the most pressing challenges in the blockchain space: scalability. It utilizes a consensus algorithm called Tree-Graph, combining PoW and PoS mechanisms to increase throughput without compromising decentralization. Recently, Conflux announced a partnership with Onramp.Money, allowing users from some countries to purchase their token using local currency. With its innovative approach and commitment to efficiency, it is an ideal choice for newcomers looking to diversify their portfolio. Market analysts are predicting that CFX could reach $0.23 by December 2023.

Neo Coin (NEO)

Neo Coin is often referred to as “the Ethereum of China” due to its focus on smart contracts and digital asset management through its blockchain platform. Its emphasis on regulatory compliance and Smart Economy vision have earned it attention from experts around the world; providing newcomers with exposure to smart contract platforms and potential growth opportunities within this sector. Market analysts predict NEO could be between $9.45-$10.67 within Q4 of 2023..

Everlodge (ELDG)

Everlodge offers an exciting fusion of real estate and blockchain technology designed to revolutionize property transactions worldwide by streamlining processes while ensuring security protocols are met at all times along with accurate record-keeping capabilities throughout the transaction process.. Before its presale ends, ELDG is projected to surge 191%, making it an attractive long-term investment option for beginners looking for excellent growth potential in the near future.. Additionally, Everlodge provides participants who join its presale with chances of winning luxury holidays Maldives among other prizes in recognition of their support towards the project..


In conclusion, these three cryptocurrencies represent some of the best options available for newcomers looking for reliable crypto investments that can provide them with steady returns over time while offering a range of unique features or services related either to scalability solutions or digital assets management technologies . Their respective prices are anticipated by market analysts , giving investors confidence when deciding which token suits their needs best .