The dangers of a CBDC and why bitcoin offers salvation

It is never too late for Marty Bent to remind everyone that we currently have two paths ahead of us. Jeff Booth explains them succinctly in the tweet below; we get freedom through Bitcoin or totalitarian subjugation through an increasingly hyper-controlled financial system that dictates who can spend, how much they can spend and where they can spend.

A free society
Freedom of association is one of the most important pillars of a truly free society. Freedom of association means freedom to act freely. Marty Bent: ‚If people are not given the opportunity to conduct transactions freely or at their own discretion, there is no freedom. And make no mistake, this is the path we are taking at the moment. The hot topic in every central bank around the world right now is how they are going to implement the central bank’s digital currency and impose it on the world’s population‘.

Government and banks want to determine
According to Bent, a world in which CBDCs are implemented on a large scale is a world in which you are sent money that has to be spent within a certain period of time on designated goods sold by designated traders. The ability to save, escape Crowd Millionaire inflation and spend your money the way you want to spend your money will be extremely difficult. Bent even calls it impossible. ‚If you think that those in power have a lot of control at the moment, wait until this dystopian technology is massively deployed‘.

Fortunately, there is bitcoin
He continues: ‚As you all know, it doesn’t have to be this way because there is a non-sovereign, apolitical, distributed peer-to-peer cash system called Bitcoin. It is our last real chance to take our freedom back into the digital age. Without bitcoin, we are doomed to misery. This may seem like a pessimistic message, but it is actually quite optimistic that we can identify this problem and work towards a solution that can make it redundant‘.