Shiba Inu Launches New Website, Sparks Optimism Despite Developer Blunder

• The Shiba Inu team has launched a new and improved website with a new Shib the metaverse branding.
• There is a buy system available on the website to purchase Shiba Inu lands.
• There was a mistake with the Shibarium Beta chain ID, revealed by the developer.

Shiba Inu Launches New Website & Branding

The Shiba Inu team has announced that there is a new website, debuting a new and improved Shib the metaverse branding. The introduction of this new website to the public has sparked optimism among the SHIB community. Users of this website can carry out purchases of Shiba Inu lands with ease, by using a buy system and making few clicks that showcase the map of the lands.

Process for Land Purchases

Users can click on top menu which opens up window showing reserved and acquired lands which can be seen on „land owned“ box. To take part in land bidding or purchasing process users must setup MetaMask wallet as only functioning wallet confirmed to operate on portal. Ethereum (ETH) must be used to acquire lands, land bids as well as purchases made through it.

Mistake with Shibarium Beta Chain ID

There was also mistake with Shibarium Beta chain ID, revealed by Shiba Inu developer which led to chaos among community-centered chaos brought by it. This blunder created uncertainty in market leading prices fall despite launch of website and visuals releasing from team related to SHIB token prices. Team will be working towards resolving issue for future development projects planned for ecosystem growth overall in longer term gains for users involved in project .

Significant Growth in Projects

The Shiba Inu ecosystem has recorded significant growth with some of its major projects and most recently decided to create fresh experience for its website users with introduction of new website along with WAGMI Template Alpha previewed on site as well . 100595 lines will be unlocked in long term while 36431 are unlocked accessible to users during first introductory phase , 32124 lines available for purchase .

The launch of this new website along visuals have given hope again among SHIB token holders who were initially worried due lead developer blunder but now have hope towards resolving issue shortly leading further development projects pushing towards successful growth in longer term .