Be a Market Inventor with Mooky: The Cutest, Coolest Meme Token of 2023!

• Mooky, the monkey leader is leading the crypto market
• Mooky token is owned by a community and managed with a DAO vote
• Mooky Ventures club offers legendary or ultra-rare NFTs which are connected to actual trees planted in the world

Mooky Leads Crypto Market

The forgotten ghost town of Tyneham has attracted settlers who did not appreciate Mother Nature and her contributions. Monkeys began to disappear due to lack of plant development, thickness of air, shortage of food, and unpleasant weather. To prevent further loss, they chose Mooky as their leader. He taught them the importance of respect towards one another and coexisting with other animals while preserving the environment. As a result, Mooky became the cutest and coolest meme token of 2023.

Mooky Token

The management of Mooky’s token is decided by a DAO vote where owners are token holders. There is no tax nor slippage requirements when buying/selling on Mooky for two years as liquidity will be restricted. Additionally, venture capital or team tokens are not allowed either.

Mooky Ventures Club

The Ventures club allows owners of legendary or ultra-rare NFTs to join their exclusive membership. These NFTs have verifiable connections to actual trees planted in different parts of the world which aids in improving our environment and making positive change globally.

How To Join?

Presale for Mookys‘ token is available now so you can become an inventor in this upcoming Defi meme currency market! Moreover, you can create unique NFTs and join their club if you own a rare card. So why wait? Get ready to take part in this journey!

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