The dangers of a CBDC and why bitcoin offers salvation

It is never too late for Marty Bent to remind everyone that we currently have two paths ahead of us. Jeff Booth explains them succinctly in the tweet below; we get freedom through Bitcoin or totalitarian subjugation through an increasingly hyper-controlled financial system that dictates who can spend, how much they can spend and where Read More

Watch Dogs Legion – A London Where Cryptocurrency Replaced The British Pound

The latest from Ubisoft studios, the Watch Dogs Legion video game takes place in a fictional representation of a dystopian future London. Taking place in the late 2020s and early 2030s, technology is more entrenched in society than ever before, so much so that the city’s currency has become a cryptocurrency, ETO. Watch Dogs Legion, Read More

Efter Kanye West och PewDiePie stöder den berömda Rapper Logic Bitcoin

Bitcoin har fått stor uppmärksamhet på senare tid efter det massiva rallyt som drev det förbi $ 15 000-märket och chockade många. Tillgången har blivit synad av många internationella kändisar och det ser ut som om den berömda rapparen Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, populärt känd som Logic, är den senaste som stöder Bitcoin, med Read More